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Spiritual Civilization Development

The company always adheres to the principle of human orientation and practicality, and emphasizes in the development of material civilization and spiritual civilization, which has greatly promoted the company’s rapid and continuous development. The company was recognized as “Wenming Danwei (highly civilized enterprise)” of the municipal level in 1995, and has successively been recognized as “Model Wenming Danwei” for 10 years since 2001. On December 20, 2011, the company won the title of “National Wenming Danwei” . In the same year, the company won the title “National Model Enterprise of Harmonious Labor Relation”.

The company has established a sound system for the Spiritual Civilization Development and has integrated it with daily work closely. Thus the company can arrange and inspect the work for both spiritual civilization development and economic development together. Meanwhile, the company gives full play to the mass organization, which leads to good spiritual civilization development under the joint management of the Party committee, government, labour union and Youth League Committee.

Corporate Culture Development

During the course of development, the company actively builds the “Family” cultural atmosphere for the staff; externally, the company wins the trust of customers with integrity operation. The company also vigorously explores the transition from corporate culture development to efficient management, and has established the corporate culture management mode which features “one flag, top leadership, one team and heritage”.

Control the overall situation under one flag. With steady and stringent, incisive and decisive work style, honest and faithful operational concept, the founder of the company Zhang Shuangwang has built up the enterprise spirit of “integrity, responsibility, innovation, and dedication”.

After two systematic improvement, the company further defines its core value in the new period: Win with Integrity, See the Future; and has established the “Family” cultural concept: “My Yitai - My Home”, “Follow the ‘Family’ Rules, Be Grateful and Pay Back the Company”, as well as the periodic target culture “Keep Forging Ahead and Fulfill the Responsibility”, thus the company has established a distinct concept of corporate culture.

Top leadership promotes corporate culture development. During the company’s different development period, the Chairman and the General Manager have respectively initiated the refining and improvement on the corporate culture concept in 2001 and 2008, and have organized discussion meetings to collect opinions widely. After reaching a consensus about the corporate culture, the company held lectures to publicize the corporate culture among the staff.

One team and all staff participation. The Group company has set up a Corporate Culture Development Committee led by the General Manager; each subsidiary company also has set up a special committee; and each department has a corporate culture liaison, which constitute a solid corporate culture communication and promotion network with distinct division of responsibilities, which lay the foundation for the propagation and implementation of corporate culture.

Consistent heritage and continuous innovation. Adhering to the unchanging core concept, the company keeps improving and enriching the cultural concept. With the development of the company, the company constantly endows the value concept with new cultural connotation. The company has taken “themed construction” as the major means for the development of corporate culture. In different development period, the company will propose new targets aiming at the major bottleneck the company has encountered. The company has conducted themed construction respectively in the themes of “My growth together with Yitai” and “Value roots in responsibility”, etc.. 

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