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There is a total of 9 mechanized coal mines which are owned by the Company or controlled by the Company by shareholding. Such mines have an annual production capacity of 45 million tons and use imported or domestically produced fully mechanized mining equipment. The company has built the modern Suancigou Mine with annual output of 12 million tons which is the first 10 million level local mines in China.

In 2005, the company initiated the resources integration and coal mine technical transformation to respond to the requirements imposed on local coal mines by Ordos municipal government, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to “improve the production technology and the recovery ratio of coal resources”. In three years, the company invested more than 3 billion Yuan and integrated its former 27 mines and 6 mines acquired from other enterprises into 12 comprehensive mechanical coal mines.

During the transformation process, the company set up the strategic target to build a first-class modern mine in China, in consideration of the development status of the coal mine industry both in China and in the world. And the company also makes accurate positioning on the key construction indexes including the safety facility, scale, recovery technology, production system, etc. strictly according to the requirements of the target. Thus the company realizes the aim of building high standard coal mines at high starting point.

The company has equipped all the coal mines with 6 systems to build safe, productive, efficient and modern coal mines, including the safety inspection and monitoring system, which can fully guarantee safety during the dynamic management on the safe production of the coal mine. Meanwhile, the company has installed coal mine comprehensive automation systems on 6 coal mines, which realizes the integration of management and control, central monitoring, control, real-time data storage and uploading of the operating data of the electrical and mechanical equipment during the coal mine production, and thus realizes the automation of the electrical and mechanical equipment, centralized control of the scheduling, and informatization of the production management.

Through the completion of the digital mining system, a uniform coal mine data collection, storage, output, inquiry and analysis platform is built for multiple department to share information in multiple levels. After the technical reformation, the recovery rate in the mining area has been improved to more than 80% from less than 30%, and the mechanization degree is 100%.

The company takes the lead in the integration of coal resources, leads the local coal enterprises to the new industrial path, and realizes the safe, efficient and intensive coal production in Ordos. The company produced 45,600,000 tons of commercial coal and sold 73,260,000 tons of coal in 2020. 

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