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Safe Production

Adhering to the corporate concept, the company has set up safety regulations and further enhances the safety concept among all the staff. The company also has set up the target of high standard safe production and a long-term safe production system, and has achieved outstanding effects. The company’s safety management reaches advanced level in the industry.

1. Concept Guide

The company always sticks to one safety concept, two basic points and three basic principles.

Safety Concept: To ensure safety, we’d rather invest 10 million Yuan in the safety facilities than letting one people die. And we’d rather reduce the coal output by 1 million tons than letting one people die.

Two Basic Points: Management and investment.

Three Principles: Safety is the most important element in the company’s safe production and management. Safety is the biggest welfare for the staff. Safety is the biggest profits to the company.

2. Safety Management

Organization Building. The Group company has built effective safe production management system with various levels of safe production management organizations led by the company’s safety committee. As of the end of 2014, the company has set up 9 safety monitoring stations and has 58 full-time safety monitoring staff.

System Building. The Group company has built stringent safety risk guarantee deposit and reward and punishment system, make regular assessment on the staff in the key positions of safe production, and present cash rewards or impose fines strictly according to the regulations. The annual cash rewards issued for safety production is about 35 million Yuan.

Meanwhile, the company employs senior professional technicians by offering them high salaries for the safe production management, which realizes appropriate technical guarantee and management in the true sense and thoroughly changes the former inefficient safe production management. In addition, the company also enhances process control, team building, safety culture building, and occupational health system construction in the management, and thus guarantees all-round safe production.  

3. More Investment

The company has invested more than 200 million Yuan in the safety inspection and monitoring for coal mines. All the mines have improved the six safety system according to the requirements, which ensures safe production. Meanwhile, the company also builds a command platform for comprehensive automatic production. Through the installation of large power and high performance mechanical and electrical integrated loading and transport system, the mining equipment is greatly improved, which guarantees safe and efficient mining operation and provides reliable guarantee for the company’s safe production. In addition, the company strictly follows China’s regulations about the allocation and utilization of the safe production fees for coal enterprises, and guarantees the full allocation of safety fees and use the fees specially in safe production, which greatly improves the production conditions in the coal mines. As of the end of 2014, the company has allocated about 2 billion Yuan’s safety fees.  

Environmental Care

Under the guidance of China’s environment protection policies, the company has set up the environment protection principle “Centenary Yitai, Green Energy”. Aimed at building an “energy-saving and environment-friendly enterprise”, the company will fulfill its social commitment of ecological civilization construction through clean production, green mining, tree planting and carbon reduction.

At present, the company has passed the certification of ISO14001 environment management system and ISO50001 energy management system, and jointly operates the two systems, which enhances the management effects of the two systems and improves the company’s environmental protection and energy consumption management.

The company strictly follows the regulations on environmental impact assessment, construction project environmental protection and water conservation for its various new projects, rebuilding projects or extension projects, and the execution rate of the regulations all reach 100%. Always following the basic national policies of energy saving and environment protection, the company constantly enhances internal management and has set up the special environment management department and built a environment management and supervision team to ensure the fulfillment of the environment protection responsibility.

The company also has issued the Environment Management Regulation and always make synchronized planning, implementation, inspection and assessment of both the environment protection work and the production and management work. At present, the perfectness ratio of the environment protection facilities and their operating ratio of each division all exceeds 95%. While making environmental governance in the mining areas, the company combines pollution treatment with technological reformation and equipment upgrading, which promotes the implementation of clean production, energy-saving and efficiency improvement, and improves the comprehensive utilization of resources.

While emphasizing on the reasonable development and utilization of resources, the company puts the improvement of the ecological environment in the mining areas in the list of important works. At present, the greening rate in each industrial site is higher than 95%. And the company’s multiple coal mines have been recognized as Pilot Enterprise of Green Mine Construction by the Ministry of Land and Resources, including Suancigou Coal Mine, Dadijing Coal Mine, Baoshan Coal Mine and Dingjiaqu Coal Mine.

Besides, to change the current conditions in Ordos region which is less forests, windy and sandy, the company has requisitioned 500,000 mu (about 333.33 million square meters) of desert in Kubuqi desert, Hangjin banner to build a carbon sink forest, which can effectively absorb carbon dioxide and provide carbon sink guarantee for the company’ s coal chemical projects, and it has become a green ecological protective barrier in the west of Ordos. 

In recent years, the company strictly follows the national and local environmental protection laws and regulations, and environment pollution and complaints never occurred during the company’s production and construction process. 

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